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We received a Buyer‘s Choice Award at the 2011 Exhibitor Show in Las Vegas for this revolutionary flooring! We start with a clear 75 mil vinyl, then apply a reverse print using the highest quality UV inks on the market (including white) so your image is always protected, no matter how many times it's walked on.

We also apply a sealant on the back to protect the graphic. This process creates the most durable, long lasting printed surface available to the trade show and event industry. Before this process was developed, the only option was to use top surface printing, which easily wears off.

This unique floor is a fully reusable and recyclable flooring product. Going green is a big concern to the trade show and event industry, so when the lifecycle of the CPT flooring has come to an end, we will take the flooring back and have it reground and reused in new products. This is truly an Eco friendly reusable flooring.

Below are the styles of CPT Flooring we offer:

Our EZ Down Planks are a great way to have the look, durability, and solid feel of hardwood, at a fraction of the price.

There are 12 planks, or 33.9 sq. ft per box, and each box weighs 55lbs. Although durable, these planks can be cut with a utility knife for shaping them to almost any design, making them great for a raised ?oor or any conventional or event floor.

Our EZ Down Planks are ?exible, durable and elegant. They measure 9.85? wide by 41.3? long by 1/8? thick with a rubberized backing that holds them in place.  Easy to install & seamless look!


Rollable flooring is a great way to create or complement any environment, indoors or out. Made from fiberglass and urethane, this flooring option is available in widths up to 13' wide in some of the wood and stone styles, and up to 10' wide in some of the coin, diamond plate, ribbed and leather textured colors. We're also the first company in the trade show and event industry to offer 10' wide rollable white vinyl in gloss white, semi gloss and matte finishes.

If you don't see the style you're looking for – Don't worry! We have access to dozens of styles from several manufacturers, so just give us a call or send us an email to discuss your project – We can usually find exactly what you need!




We're excited to offer this innovative and affordable bamboo floor to the trade show industry!

This Eco-Friendly floor is lightweight, easy to install and provides a high end look that will really stand out on the show floor!

Each roll size is 5' wide x 10' long with the wooden slats running the 5' width.

Each section is shipped in a 5'-6? long cardboard tube with end caps.

There are two Bamboo strip widths:
A 5/8” wide x 1/8? thick available in the 4 colors listed below as well as an un-stained option for custom colors. A 10' x 10' section weighs 35lbs and a shipping tube is included with each roll.

Our 2? wide Bamboo strip version is 1/4? thick and available in a Natural and honey. A 10‘ x 10' Section weighs 50 lbs and a shipping tube is included with each roll.

The backing on both products is a felt with rubber dots to hold the floor in place- the entire floor is made from recycled/renewable products and can be shipped via UPS or FedEx.

Here are just a few benefits of our
EZ UP raised floor system:

- Cost Effective

- Easy to Install & Dismantle

- Easy to Reconfigure

- Available for rental or purchase

- Durable Panels and Transitions

- Assorted selection of finishes for
  flooring and transitions

- Electrical wiring is easily
  accessible under panels

- Half the weight of competitors'
  traditional raised platform floors

- Able to withstand heavy loads

- ADA compliant ramps are available

- Panels ship securely in custom

The Inside Track Inc. presents heavy duty raised floor system. Our Automotive Industrial Raised Flooring was created to serve the exhibit industry. The system is designed for simplicity, labor efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

This raised floor system was custom built for heights from 4-25 inches above ground with unmatched load capacity and the shortest I/D time, even by an unskilled labor.

The biggest drawbacks to using a raised floor is that they are heavy and expensive to ship, take a long time to install and dismantle and they can be very complicated to use.

The Inside Track has removed those obstacles by offering the industry an easy to install, light weight yet sturdy raised floor that is also 100% recyclable!

-Each panel is 19 3/4? x 19 3/4” and is rated to hold 7 tons per point load
-The interlocking panels offer easy installation and removal post show
-Each panel weighs just 5 1/2 lbs
-Available heights are 1 5/8” and 4?, both with ADA compliant ramps
-A variety of flooring choices are available to cover your raised floor, including standard and recycled carpet, Rollable Bamboo and Vinyl
-On average 1,000 square feet of our raised flooring can be installed by 4 people in 1 hour

Available for rental or purchase


Our Outdoor Flooring provides a solid surface when your event is in a parking lot, tent, field or stadium- at an inexpensive price.

Our various outdoor ?oors can hold heavy vehicles and equipment, as well as provide temporary pathways on rough and uneven outdoor terrain.

Our outdoor flooring is shipped in pre-assembled sheets for fast installation and dismantling. This ?ooring system's design and construction allows it to be used outdoors without damaging the grass underneath, and is available with and without aeration holes to allow water to drain through the surface.


The Inside Track is proud to offer exhibit houses High Resolution Rollable Floor Graphics!

Both you and your customers will be amazed at the detail in these durable mats, which makes your image jump off the floor. The clear, slip resistant vinyl surface and non-skid rubber back allows you to use the UV digitally printed graphics in both indoor and outdoor settings.

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