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Dye-Infused Carpet

Whenever you need a step and repeat pattern or unique design printed on carpet and it needs to last for more than 1 day, our dye infused custom carpet is the perfect solution.

We use the same process that creates the intricate carpet designs that you see in hotel lobbies, hallways and bowling alleys, so you can feel confident knowing that your carpet can withstand heavy foot traffic while keeping the design intact for years to come.


Our dye infusion process allows the ink to soak down to the base of the nylon fiber, which provides a much longer life and higher image quality than other top printed or dye sublimated carpets. Available in 16, 32 and 42 ounce weights, we include Scotchgard in the manufacturing process to help keep your carpet looking great over time.

Why Choose Our Dye-Sublimated Carpet?

  • We create our carpets at 625 dpi, compared to the industry printing at 256 dpi.

  • Soil & Stain Protector included in the manufacturing process.

  • Made with Ultron 3D fiber.

  • Built in Static Protect.

  • In house design expert to vet your art and manage production.

No Art, No Problem!

Our In-House Design Specialist

can design your flooring for you.


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